UroNav Fusion Biopsy System

The Next Generation of Prostate Cancer Care

The next generation of prostate cancer detection, the UroNav Fusion Biopsy System, is now available at The Urology Team. The UroNav is dramatically changing how our urologists can diagnose and ultimately treat prostate cancer. With this new technology, a patient will start with a Multiparametric MRI image of their prostate gland, which is useful to detect suspicious lesions in the prostate. This image is then fused with an ultrasound image to help pinpoint questionable areas of the prostate for needle biopsy. This precision helps eliminate taking multiple random biopsies. It may also detect aggressive tumors that may have otherwise been missed.

Eliminates multiple random biopsies

May detect aggressive tumors that may have otherwise been missed

Targeting suspicious areas in the prostate (example below)

Ability to more accurately identify and test areas for more precise diagnosis

More accurate diagnosis helps avoid too much treatment, or not enough

Fuses and displays MRI and ultrasound images to visualize suspicious areas of the prostate while assisting physicians with a projected biopsy needle path

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"Two pivotal events have changed the diagnosis of Prostate Cancer. First, a Multiparametric MRI shows the urologist areas of suspicion in the prostate that may harbor cancer. Second is the MRI fusion guided biopsy apparatus, the ‘Invivo UroNav®’ machine, which allows us to overlay the prostate ultrasound directly on the MRI image, thereby enabling direct fusion guided biopsies to the suspicious areas." Dr. Richard Chopp