Run, Bike And Swim To A Pelvic Floor Disorder?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

According to recent research, female triathletes may be putting themselves at risk of a few different health ailments including pelvic floor disorders.It appears all of that running, biking and swimming is taking a unique toll on female bodies, relative to male bodies. In triathlons, the lengths of each portion can vary but participants start the race by swimming between 0.5-2.4 miles, biking between 12.4-112 miles and then running an additional 3.1-26.2 miles.This type of race can be grueling and is often much more challenging than other forms of exercise. Due to the repetitive movements and high impact training required to compete in these races, the body can experience more wear and tear than with many other physical activities.Researchers at Loyola University Health System (LUHS) recently presented data that assessed the potential risk for pelvic floor disorders among female triathletes. Common pelvic floor disorders include urinary or bowel incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.Essentially, there are muscles that sit at the base of your pelvic organs, keeping them in place. A pelvic organ disorder involves the weakening of these pelvic floor muscles, resulting in the dropping of some pelvic organs downward into the pelvic region, potentially causing a number of issues.The researchers found that about one in three female participants suffered from one of the pelvic floor disorders. Additionally, one in four suffered from one component of the female athlete triad - decreased energy, menstrual irregularities and abnormal bone density.This doesn’t suggest that any drastic change of behavior needs to be implemented or that triathlons alone are to blame for these issues. The study simply sheds light on a sporting activity that may serve at a helpful guide when diagnosing female triathletes with pelvic organ disorders. Should you have any questions about how these types of disorders relate to females competing in sporting activities, you should consult with your doctor. *The Urology Team has qualified and experienced doctors at three convenient locations in the Austin area. Contact us today for any of your needs. It’s the uro-logical choice!