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The kidney stone. How can something so small, cause so much PAIN and trepidation?! Millions of people develop kidney stones worldwide..

Sudden urinary leakage…it happens to both men and women of all ages, and fitness levels. Whether you’re a couch potato, a high school athlete, or a seasoned marathon runner, urinary leakage happens!

First, it’s important to understand that the prostate naturally enlarges as men age. However, not all men will experience bothersome urinary symptoms.

Before discussing testosterone levels, it’s important to understand what testosterone is, where it is produced, and how it affects the human body.

What is a Bladder Diet? Patients often ask if we have recommendations for a bladder diet — foods that will help ease certain bladder symptoms. The short answer is, yes, there are foods that can help the bladder. However, there are others that can irritate the bladder. Initially, it’s important to identify which urinary health condition you’re hoping to support through diet modifications.

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Prostate cancer. Chilling words to most men. A longtime alternative to surgery or radiation is now proving much more effective, thanks to precise new technology.

Thanks to technology, prostate cancer patients are getting a chance to beat the disease once and for all.

Although recent research has linked testosterone therapy with a higher risk for heart attack and stroke, a new study suggests otherwise.

Dr. Loren Jones on erectile dysfunction, infertility and testicular cancer.

Unprecedented move to combat "false information" that "harmed public health, distorted medical science, and violated the trust between medical journals and the consumer".